Fundamenta Case Study

Client: Fundamenta Lakáskassza

Fundamenta is a specialised credit institution that is offering home saving schemes since 1997 while dynamically and continually growing both on client and employee side. Their portfolio included deposit taking and lending under home savings contracts and lending bridge loans for these contracts.



The available capital of retail clients and the state incentives benefitted the real estate market, and the economic boom meant a higher demand for newly built and older residential areas alike. To increase the efficiency of operational and strategic processes the top management of Fundamenta decided to use business analytics on a day-to-day basis. The aim was to implement a business analytics system to support data-driven decisions at Fundamenta. A newly established organizational unit is responsible for infrastructure operations as well as continuous data management and analysis.

Fundamenta wanted to accomplish these goals by involving an external team. Therefore, they launched an RfP for the development and the operations of their future business analytics system and the related consulting services. The requirements included that the system had to be smoothly integrated into the existing core system environment and to follow the architectural guidelines.

Besides the continually changing requirements, the data model itself also updated regularly, because the dashboard interface of the business decision-making reports was developed concurrently with the implementation of the underlying system. This simultaneous development was quite a challenge to the professionals of Bixpert. However, the final result is a system which is perfectly integrated into the overall application landscape.

Fundamenta required a solution that included features such as reporting and, especially, predictive modelling to provide even more support for the users. Moreover, the system should operate continuously and effortlessly and always available for the employees. Moreover, the external provider should be able to train the key users at Fundamenta.

The project’s biggest challenge was modelling the operations of the bankers who work and are remunerated in a specific MLM scheme – along with a potential later roll-out to the company’s other departments and teams.


Solution: How Bixpert and MicroStrategy can support

The organization of Fundamenta had different maturities and skills to be able to understand and use of a self-service BI. As a result, some areas, typically those who used the system on a daily basis, learned to use MSTR very quickly, while others rather slower.

Bixpert, an exclusive Hungarian MicroStrategy distributor, provided the required solution based on the MicroStrategy analytics and mobility platform with necessary Hungarian interface.  - The rich set of functionalities and capabilities of MicroStrategy and the expertise of the Bixpert consultants were the convincing components for Fundamenta. MicroStrategy is the largest independent publicly traded business intelligence company, with the leading enterprise analytics platform. MicroStrategy provides modern analytics on an open, comprehensive enterprise platform used by many of the world’s most admired brands in the Fortune Global 500. Optimized for cloud and on-premises deployments, the platform features HyperIntelligence®, a breakthrough technology that overlays actionable enterprise data on popular business applications to help users make smarter, faster decisions. 

The MicroStrategy platform was deployed with Bixpert’s services.

The use and satisfaction of the system largely depends on the knowledge of the users. Although the usage is intuitive, complex problems require the knowledge of MicroStrategy. That’s why Fundamenta purchased so-called Passes for their colleagues work in different roles, where they can continually expand their skills.

“In the beginning of the project, we thought that IT developments for digital transformation could only be successful if the external partner does not only implement the product and the relevant infrastructure but also offers a custom solution that fits to our business and decision-making processes. This and the cost efficiency and flexibility offered by Bixpert meant the perfect combination to us. Thanks to our excellent cooperation, the Bixpert colleagues have become true team members during the past six years. We can always count on them.”

Balázs Marján, Division Head, Fundamenta



The business analytics system developed by Bixpert based on the MicroStrategy platform provides data, analytics and reports for an increasing number of departments at Fundamenta. The Bixpert system also supports operations and does not only provide information for top managers.

The solution, initially used in sales only, now is leveraged throughout the entire company. Since 2014, more than 20,000 reports per month have been built with Bixpert.

MSTR covers a company’s entire development: it is able to run reports, compile dashboards, and support analytics as well. Fundamenta is currently use the function of dashboards, but they are already thinking about the opportunities offered by analytics.

The 200 Fundamenta employees who are using the system work in Finance and Accounting, while the Controlling department delivers the KPIs for the management and the shareholders. Fundamenta’s Risk-Management, Marketing and Product Development are using the platform for their daily operations.  Their focus is on fraud prevention, scoring models and managing the work of personal bankers.

It is expected in the future of Fundamenta that the service will be used by others, such as the Complaints and Call Center development.



Fundamenta will definitely continue to work with Bixpert, one of their best suppliers because of their professionalism and attitude. With the involvement of new technologies such as HyperIntelligence, additional business areas can join the use of BI, potentially able to generate additional licenses.


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