Protect your sensitive shipments from weather extremes

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Identify your at-risk shipments at a single glance

Use weather forecasts to manage your weather-sensitive shipments.
Avoid product returns and bad reviews by aligning your shipping dates to favorable weather conditions. Import your existing shipping lists into the simple, web-based interface, and Shipment Weather will automatically identify at-risk shipments. Shipment Weather will also offer suggested adjustments based on weather criteria that are specific for your product.

How can I manage the weather risk for my shipments?

Shipment weather allows you to easily verify that the weather at the destination for all your shipments is the optimal conditions for your products to arrive in perfect condition. There are four simple and fast steps:

  1. Create per-product thresholds for the weather conditions that affect your products such as high or low temperatures, humidity or rainfall.
  2. Then import your upcoming shipments into Shipment Weather and the system will analyze the weather forecast data.
  3. The product will identify any shipment that meets one or more exception condition such as the product arriving in excessive heat or cold.
  4. Modify the delivery date or identify any mitigating action to ensure at risk deliveries arrive in the optimal condition.

Build on trusted weather data

Shipment Weather is powered by the Visual Crossing Weather Data platform which is designed to provide the most accurate weather data available. By utilizing Visual Crossing Weather, you can instantly and accurately find the weather forecast and trends for every single delivery location on your list. Shipment Weather will sort and highlight the locations which do not meet your weather thresholds and offer suggestions that fit within your limits.

Save hours in shipment time

A shipment manager can save hours of time versus manually weather lookup and avoid countless returns, bad reviews, and lost customers.
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