Finally, we have got the winners for the Data Visualisation Competition for this year!

Finally, we have got the winners for the Data Visualisation Competition for this year!

Analysis of global development indicators, environmental protection and COVID-19 – these were the backbone topics of the Data Visualization Competition co-organized by the Budapest Corvinus University and Bixpert. Let’s see the winning participants!

Bixpert is a committed supporter of talent management and emerging professionals. In this spirit, this year we organized again our Data Visualization Competition with the support of Budapest Corvinus University, Institute of Information Technology.

The goal of the initiative is to find talents who excel in mapping underlying relations and patterns behind raw data and who can present such correlations through revealing visualizations.

Participants of the contest, launched in November 2021, summed up to a total of 21 teams and 41 competitors. They submitted their work in three main topics:

  • analysis of development indicators in the world,
  • global warming and environmental protection, and
  • COVID-19.

Submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of experts from Bixpert on the one hand and educators of the University on the other. The authors of the best works selected are as follows:

1st place: Ervin Maschek, Csaba Toldy
2nd place: Réka Szuromi
3rd place: Anna Berghammer, Márton Kolonics and Péter Podobni

Let’s take a look at these winning works!

1st place: Ervin Maschek, Csaba Toldy, who presented on the transition of El Salvador to US Dollar and the introduction of Bitcoin as an official currency.

2nd place: Réka Szuromi, who analysed development indexes in the world and sketched up a full picture of various countries and regions.

3rd place: Anna Berghammer, Márton Kolonics and Péter Podobni, who analysed the development indicators in the world with an emphasis on correlations between the development levels of income groups, regions and countries.

Congratulations to them, and also to all participants who have put their knowledge into the service of such an interesting task! Hope to meet you again next year!

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