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Use our HyperIntelligence solution free of charge for two months.


Are you overwhelmed with news related to the coronavirus, each featuring different data? If you feel lost and confused with all the daily news and information, don’t worry! You’re probably not alone.

Although data sharing shows an explosive growth, most people do not get enough help with the interpretation of data. A state-of-the-art software that is capable of data visualization (and much more) is essential to understand all this information.

MicroStrategy - distributed by the 20 years old Bixpert Kft. ( – is an analytics platform that provides a solution for the above mentioned problems. Click here to see how it visualizes the coronavirus outbreak based on data provided by the famous John Hopkins University on a 16-page, interactive platform!


The situation is very similar in the field of business as well. You need smart solutions to arrive to the right conclusions. MicroStrategy provides an advanced analysis to help you make the right decisions - while visualizing data in a user friendly way.

The global pandemic puts enormous pressure on retailers too, as the demand for certain commodities is growing rapidly. Bixpert Kft. decided to make the MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence solution available free of charge to interested companies during the COVID-19 crisis (for a maximum of two months). In addition, the offer contains deployment support and free online tutorials.


About HyperIntelligence (

The HyperIntelligence solution does not require a massive background and still makes every user interface even more intelligent – in any (Chrome based) browser.

It delivers relevant information for business decision makers, customer service and logistics experts in just a few seconds, with a seamless integration to any web based systems (e.g. Salesforce, Monday, ERP systems, etc.).


„It is our shared interest that as many companies survive the crisis as possible. This is how we intend to help applicants in these difficult times.” - Zoltán Bánkuti, founder and CEO of Bixpert Kft.


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