BI education: learning business intelligence

Business intelligence is an area that more and more people want to understand. This demand is very beneficial for development, as the more people who are comfortable with the subject, at least to the level of being able to interpret the results and understand the potential of the technology, the wider its use can be. Bixpert is at the forefront of BI education. In this article, we'll show you why business intelligence is a worthwhile field to get involved in and what we do to educate.

Businesses need to be aware of the potential of business intelligence. Thanks to technology, companies can collect in-depth data and information and use it to make decisions. Business intelligence can be used to optimise internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, generate new revenue streams, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. It can also identify trends and identify business problems that need to be addressed.

The application of business intelligence can be learnt by anyone. Bixpert is also working to reach as many people as possible - businesses, young people, IT professionals, and interested parties - with the technology. Let's find out where Bixpert is getting involved in business intelligence education!

BI education in everyday life

Bixpert takes particular care to ensure that customers are aware of what is happening in their business. We strive to educate our partners as we work together so that they can gain very useful knowledge and the collaboration is much smoother as we speak the same language. We explain every detail of the project from start to finish, so we can be sure that the client will be able to follow the process and understand what we are doing and why.

Business intelligence advice

We know that canned solutions don't work in the field of business intelligence, every company has its own needs, its specific situation, and the environment in which software needs to be integrated is different. Business intelligence consulting guides clients through the process to the best BI solution. We start by assessing needs, followed by project planning, system design, and system deployment. Once the system is up and running, staff training takes place. Our experienced consultants, with vast implementation experience, introduce users to the most advanced technologies, Jedox, MicroStrategy, Exasol, and Visual Crossing.

Business intelligence education on campus

We believe that knowledge transfer is an asset. In this spirit, we try to connect with young talent at as many points as possible. For example, we have staff who are involved in university teaching, giving classes on MicroStrategy and Business Intelligence at Corvinus University of Budapest. Thanks to this collaboration, MicroStrategy is now integrated into university education.

This year, for the third time, we organised the Data Visualisation Competition together with Corvinus. The idea is that the participating university teams can submit their data visualisation solutions. Each year there are three different themes to choose from, this year for example, data from IMDb, WHO, and Boardgame Geek. Competitors receive a data set for the chosen topic, attend a few suitable training sessions, and get to work. Entries will be judged by a professional jury on criteria such as design, documentation, and exploration of context. The analyses will be carried out using MicroStrategy software, the basics of which students will be able to learn during the few hours of training.

BI education

Bixpert also plans to organise public training sessions so that anyone can learn how to get more out of the BI solutions available. The educational topics will be trend-driven and draw on our IT knowledge and business experience. The education will not only cover the use of software but also the approach to business intelligence. The training can be taken by anyone, from administrative staff to project managers, and specific topics will be developed according to company-specific needs. We also believe in tailored training solutions, so you can be sure that our experienced trainers will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to grow your business.

Bixpert is a pioneer in business intelligence in Hungary. We strive to pass on our decades of experience in various forms of education to the next generation of our clients. More details on our website!

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