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    MicroStrategy sales training

    At Bixpert we believe in life-long learning: continuous development is in our genes. Last week we had a fantastic sales training with Mr. Gürkan Ürgen.
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    Depiction of Infection and Business Intelligence in one place

    Use our HyperIntelligence solution free of charge for two months. If you feel lost and confused with all the daily news and information, don’t worry! You’re probably not alone.

The next level of Excel data analysis: sound knowledge in...

16 September 2022
The reception of the introduction of new technology among staff is generally ambivalent. Those who are confident in the world of IT are excited by the new developments, while those who ar...

Jedox instead of Excel: switch to a higher gear

25 August 2022
Excel is a basic tool for most companies, used by almost every department. In the modern age, however, replacing offline Excel with a more dynamic, wide-ranging solution makes sense. One ...

Data visualisation: meaning behind the numbers

18 July 2022
The evolution of technology is a boon for data visualisation. As new techniques become more sophisticated, it becomes easier to visualise data in an even more visual and understandable wa...

Budget planning: juggling with the numbers

27 June 2022
A budget is the clearest way to keep track of finances, income, and expenditure. It can help you avoid stretching further than the end of your blanket and support your company in moving t...

MicroStrategy is on top again

02 June 2022
The world-renowned technology analyst firm Gartner recently published its report titled Critical Capabilities for Analytics and BI Platforms. This is an analysis that compares and ranks B...

Business intelligence and data visualisation: tools to me...

21 April 2022
The most important characteristic of a successful organisation is its growth potential. It can grow in size, capacity, output, and, above all, in revenue, covering costs and making a prof...
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