Analysis is
in our DNA.

We love the word Analytics even more than Big Data. Although, we have no problem with “Big Data,” because we started to work with terabyte databases – the first in Hungary - when our company launched in 2000. Analytic tools have become incomparably more advanced since then, as has our knowledge. We believe that less and higher quality information is more important than an overabundance of raw data. It is important that users can easily access, analyze information enriched with analytical knowledge, share their discoveries with each other, and intervene at their own level without the involvement of IT.
Our customers’ independence is key. For this important reason, we believe that the chief activities to manage data are the following: collection, aggregation, visual exploration, in-depth analysis, supplementing and sharing with human knowledge, and tailored use for mobile devices. We imagine our analysis platform used in a secure enterprise environment or on a cloud platform. We have been supporting our clients achieve their goals for over 20 years.


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