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Analysis is in our DNA.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping our customers understand their data so that they can make smarter and faster decisions and become more competitive in their industries.



Cutting-edge software, expert IT knowledge, and best business practices all in the palm of your hand.


We always provide the right solutions tailored to your individual needs.


All of our processes are designed to facilitate business oriented decision-making.



Throughout your experience, you will be working closely with us as we design and implement the solutions you need with maximum efficiency and flexibility.


As a partner of MicroStrategy, Jedox, Visual Crossing and Exasol, our expert consultants provide you with training to educate you on the ins and outs of all of our products in order to smoothly expedite their implementation.


For one year, we offer you free technical support from a professional equipped with at least 20 years of experience for all of our products (MicroStrategy, Jedox, Visual Crossing, and Exasol).


Microstrategy’s platform has unmatched performance, exceptional scalability, security and manageability for building and deploying analytics and mobility to transform and accelerate business.
Visual Crossing is the source for sophisticated weather data, weather APIs and geospatial mapping for businesses and professionals.
Jedox’s enterprise performance management software streamlines planning, budgeting and forecasting interdepartmentally to integrate financial planning and analysis with operation plans and reporting throughout an organization.
Exasol provides a memory-based analytic database that is the fastest and most scalable analytical RDBMS platform on the market.
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