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27 March 2020 - An important and outstanding date in our history: BiXPERT turned 20!

20 years is a long time for an organisation including numerous challenges, amusing stories, achievements, and naturally lots of difficulties and uncertainties, as well as many clients, successful projects and world-leading technological solutions. How have we come this far? Here is a brief historical overview.


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Use our HyperIntelligence solution free of charge for two months.


Are you overwhelmed with news related to the coronavirus, each featuring different data? If you feel lost and confused with all the daily news and information, don’t worry! You’re probably not alone.

Although data sharing shows an explosive growth, most people do not get enough help with the interpretation of data. A state-of-the-art software that is capable of data visualization (and much more) is essential to understand all this information.

MicroStrategy - distributed by the 20 years old BiXPERT Kft. ( – is an analytics platform that provides a solution for the above mentioned problems. Click here to see how it visualizes the coronavirus outbreak based on data provided by the famous John Hopkins University on a 16-page, interactive platform!


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Did you miss MicroStrategy World 2020? Did you go, but weren’t able to attend all of this year’s top sessions? Attend MicroStrategy’s top takeaways webcast to get:


  • MicroStrategy World highlights for those who were unable to attend
  • Top takeaways from the partner perspective
  • Top takeaways from the customer perspective
  • Key content from World for sharing and use throughout the year

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At BiXPERT we believe in life-long learning: continuous development is in our genes. Last week we had a fantastic sales training with Mr. Gürkan Ürgen (MicroStrategy Regional Sales Manager). His experience and knowledge are second to none, with his help we are now ready for new challenges.


BiXPERT Sales training1

BiXPERT Sales training3


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“We invented HyperIntelligence®, a new category of analytics that overlays actionable enterprise data on popular business applications to help users make smarter, faster decisions,” said Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy. “HyperIntelligence is indeed our most innovative product in years. It works where the user works – in productivity and web applications that people use every day.” 

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